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Investigate Russian Election Meddling

Speak up about the Issues
5th District Rep. Tom Garrett has been unwilling to meet with his constituents in a public forum to explain why he is continuing to march in lockstep with an increasingly unhinged Trump administration. This coming week is a congressional recess during which members of congress are traditionally expected to hold town hall meetings in their districts. Garrett has refused to schedule any such events, so we’re going to help him out by holding a town hall without him!
Please join us and other local grassroots organizations to ask the questions that we, as constituents, deserve answers to and to demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, that tolerance of Trump's hateful agenda is unacceptable! 
Sunday, February 26 at 2 p.m.
Charlottesville High School Cafeteria
1400 Melbourne Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARDTurn your passive participation into active resistance

Calling is the most effective way to influence your representative.

The 5 Calls App:

  • provides phone numbers and scripts so calling is quick and easy
  • uses your location to find your local representatives so your calls have more impact

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Black History Month

One hundred years ago, blackface and other offensive media representations of African Americans were not only common, but celebrated.
Few cultural moments encapsulate this more fully than D.W. Griffith's "The Birth of a Nation" (1915), a notoriously Ku Klux Klan-friendly reimagining of history.
Watch Birth of a Movement

"Birth of a Movement," a new film now streaming on PBS, tells the story of William Monroe Trotter, an African-American newspaper editor and activist, who, along with the then newly-formed NAACP, waged a battle against the film. Together, they unleashed a conflict that still rages today about race relations, representation, and the power of Hollywood.
Narrated by Danny Glover and featuring interviews from Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Spike Lee, "Birth of a Movement" captures the backdrop to this clash between human rights, freedom of speech, and a changing media landscape.

Despite the progress we've made as a country, these issue are still very much relevant today.

Thank Obama


Things are better thanks to Obama!

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